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Its a Celebration Time

August, a month of celebration for all of us.

August 15th, Independence Day.

August 19th - World Photography Day. This was the day Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce invented camera in the year 1837.

August 22nd - Madras Day.This was the day in 1639, Chennaipattinam was purchased by East India Company from Vijayanagar Kingdom.

We at Saltree, are offering 25% discount for our print services during this week.

The print price details are available at here :

How to send the files:

  • Select the photographs you want to print.

  • Do process the way you like.

  • Set the file image resolution to 300 dpi

  • Set the image working space to Adobe RGB

  • Crop the image to the size you would like to print.

  • Export or Save the image at highest quality in TIFF or JPG format

  • Rename the file to indicate PrintSize,Paper options.For eg, Your name is Rahul ,you want to print in A4 lustre,the file naming should be : Rahul-A4-Lustre-YourActualFilename.tif

  • Share the files using Google Drive with our mail id -

  • We will come back to you on the estimates and details for the payment.

Its our way of celebration.We hope you also do join in our celebration.

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