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SalTree,What it means?

SalTree, a photography company focussing photography-learning-travel workshops, fine-art archival printing and industrial photography services.

The name "SalTree" has its own significance.

The “SalTree” derives the name from the tree species Saal Tree(Shorea robusta).The Saal Trees has significance presence in cultural and religious narratives of Hinduism/Buddhism and known for its medicinal/timber values among the natives of Central/Lower Himalayan people.

It grows in Lower Himalayas,Central and Eastern part of India .

A slow/moderate growing tree but attains a height of 30-35metres and a large trunk upto 2.5m diameter.The tree trunk is used as hard timber, the barks and leaves are used for various purposes as betels, making plates & cups for the purpose to serve food.The tree resin are used for various skin ailments in traditional medicines.

It is said that Queen Maya, the mother of Lord Buddha had held onto Sal trees when Buddha was born. The Hindu epic Ramayana mentions about Sal Tree.The King Sugriva tests the archery skills of Lord Rama by asking to pierce seven Saal Trees with a single arrow.

The spring season(Months March-April in India) signifies the flowering of native trees and plants.This season are celebrated in various parts of India in different local names as the traditional new year. The natives of Jharkand celebrate the arrival of Spring season by decorating their house with flowers of Sal Trees and worshiping the gods with Sal Flowers and leaves.

We ended up naming our new organisation as "SalTree" as there were commonality found between us and the tree.As Like a Sal Tree, we stand for our values - Creativity ,Quality and Learning with Compassion

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