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Jim Corbett Summer Camp

Summer at Corbett is always full of excitement and surprises.

The Elephants movement in search of water, crossing Ramganga river and Grasslands every day is a delight to watch.

Poster of Corbett Summer Camp
Corbett Poster

With Tigress Parwali rearing her three cubs on one side of the Ramganga and Grasslandwali up-bringing her 3 cubs on the other side, the Corbett forests would soon witness many actions and drama by the Tigers and Tigress each fight for protection of the cubs and for new-off springs.

Our Corbett Summer camp is from April 27th to May 1st, 2019.

Here is our plan:

  • Reach Ramnagar by April 27th.Stay Over night at Ramnagar.

  • April 28th - Morning start to Dhikala Forest Range by 5:30 AM.

  • From April 28th to May 1st Evening,we are inside the Dhikala Range.

  • We reach Ramnagar on May 1st around 4 PM.

  • You can take night train to Delhi

  • With only 4 people in the Jeep,you have sufficient space for maneuver and work.

In Summer, we can expect water plays of Elephant families and calves.A creative photography work can be accomplished in capturing mood of this magnificent animal. The Tigress are going to have their own share of amazement.The presence of cubs could bring lot of bewilderment. Here are few photographs taken during our previous trips.

Do contact us if you want to sign-up for the tour.

From our earlier Tours:

Tigress Parwali

Crossing of Elephants

Overlooking Ramganga

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